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All The Male Leads Have Blackened


Before Cen Si Miao died, she had a heart like the golden sun.

After she died, she followed around the system developed by Jin Jiang and the Underworld.

As she went from place to place, her skill at digging holes for others to fall into became better and better.

Saving the male protagonists with high proficiency.

Face slapping: Pa. Pa. Pa.

So many ideas that others would bristle in anger.

But still, in the end, somehow she still got carried away by the male protagonist.

Latest Release
07/07/21Yunc26 part2
07/05/21Yunc26 part1
05/30/21Yunc24 part2
05/30/21Yunc24 part1
05/16/21Yunc23 part2
05/16/21Yunc23 part1
05/08/21Yunc22 part3
05/08/21Yunc22 part2
05/08/21Yunc22 part1
04/28/21Yunc21 part2
04/28/21Yunc21 part1
04/22/21Yunc20 part2
04/22/21Yunc20 part1
04/03/21Yunc19 part2

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