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09/14/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec82
09/12/20AWM: PUBGc34
09/10/20I Ship My Adversary X Mec32
09/07/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec81
09/06/20AWM: PUBGc33
09/05/20AWM: PUBGc32
09/02/20Green Dragon Totemc30
09/02/20A Race to (Be) The Topc21
08/31/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec80
08/30/20AWM: PUBGc31
08/29/20AWM: PUBGc30
08/24/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec79
08/23/20AWM: PUBGc29
08/23/20Perfect Matchc10
08/22/20AWM: PUBGc28
08/17/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec78
08/16/20AWM: PUBGc27
08/16/20My Little Poplarc11
08/15/20AWM: PUBGc26
08/10/20You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Talec77
08/09/20AWM: PUBGc25
08/09/20Winner Takes Allc10

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