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12/01/22Debut or Diec71
12/01/22Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlockc79
12/01/22The Beloved New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansionc62
12/01/22Debut or Diec70
12/01/22This Bastard is Too Competentc74
12/01/22This Bastard is Too Competentc73
11/30/22Hoping for My Deathc6
11/30/22In The Depths Of Shame, Love Existsc20
11/30/22Idle Life of a Saintessc17
11/30/22Idle Life of a Saintessc16
11/30/22I Married Because I Wanted To Live A Normal Lifec17
11/30/22I Don’t Want to Be a Ladyc31
11/30/22Your Regrets Are Latec31
11/30/22Debut or Diec69
11/30/22I Want To Live A Normal Life, But I’m An SSS-Class Hunterc20
11/30/22Debut or Diec68
11/29/22The Nerd Turned Out To Be The Tyrantc23
11/29/22My Daddy Hide His Powerc27
11/28/22Debut or Diec67
11/28/22Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlockc78
11/28/22I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead’s Brotherc71
11/28/22Debut or Diec66
11/27/22I Became a Sick Noblemanc67
11/27/22The Fox Tames the Villainous Grand Dukeprologue
11/27/22The Beloved New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansionc61

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