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12/05/22Insectoids: The Job of the Malesc58 part5
12/05/22Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubinec125 part2
12/05/22About Touma-kun, Who Wants to Spend His Time Quietly, Is Liked...c50
12/05/22School Heroine Secretly Loves Mec17 part2
12/05/22Reincarnated Vampire Princess and Former Hero, Trample Over...c82
12/05/22I, Who Was Ridiculed as a “Video Game Otaku and...c43
12/04/22The Holy Grail of Erisv5c9
12/04/22The Male Lead With A Split Personality Is Trying to Kill Mec15
12/04/22I’m a Straight Man in BL Lovec15
12/04/22School Underdog – A Loner Who Woke Up With Supernatural...c91
12/04/22After School, at a Family Restaurant at Night, With That Girl...c27
12/04/22I Don’t Want To Inherit A Feudal Estate So I’ll Just...c102
12/04/22When I Came Back From Another World, A Classmate Was Cuckolding...c10
12/04/22The Duke’s Daughter Is Hatedc25
12/04/22Magical Girl Tyrant Sylphc43
12/04/22Insectoids: The Job of the Malesc58 part4
12/03/22Master Meowc46 part2
12/03/22Rivals of Rebirthc41
12/03/22The Ugly Empressv1c2
12/03/22Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri Mahou ni-v1c2 part14
12/03/22The Law of Hunting a Wifec108 part2
12/03/22Cannon Fodder Counterattack Systemc45
12/03/22I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreedc45
12/03/22I’m a Straight Man in BL Lovec14
12/03/22I Became Strong At Night And Weak At Day Inside A Gamec19

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