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Absolute Advantage


Omega Haewon, who is forced to hide her character and live as an alpha.

Alpha Adam, posing as Omega for revenge.

The two meet as partners of a political marriage with a secret inside.

“You don’t like me?”

“What you’re thinking right now. I can do it all for you.”

Was the voice of a snake seducing the first woman like this?


“What can I do to stop doing this?”

“You’re wrong, Haewon. You don’t want to tame me, but you want to first put a leash on me.”

“You’re not the type to stay still even if I fill you up.”

“Huh? Do I look like that?”

Adam smiled and asked back.

“But you keep avoiding me.”

So she thought he would attack her.

“Please be kind to me. Then I’ll listen to you.”

Adam, who straightened his head, bent his eyes and smiled.

“Huh? Haewon.”

Adam’s eyes as he put Haewon’s name in his mouth

He was filled with joy as if he were a man possessed by a passionate dream.

Like an alpha who met his destined mate.

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12/13/22Sleepy Translationsc31 part1
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12/08/22Sleepy Translationsc30 part1
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12/06/22Sleepy Translationsc29 part1
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