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Angel Only Drinks Soda


Love and worry are inseparable.

I want the courage to confess my feelings. I want to know who my crush likes. I want someone to listen to my worries. I want someone to support me.

I understand these feelings painfully well.

Because I have an unforgettable past. And because I have the “power” to save them—.

That’s why I, Akashi Io, became the “Angel”.

“I have finally found you, Angel of Kuze High.”

The Angel touches the cheek of a girl, Yuzuki Minato, in order to cure her of Falling-in-love Peculiarity.

A slightly mysterious coming-of-age story where love and the past intertwines.

Latest Release
12/12/22Travis Translationsv2c2 part4
12/06/22Travis Translationsv2c2 part3
11/28/22Travis Translationsv2c2 part2
11/23/22Travis Translationsv2c2 part1
11/16/22Travis Translationsv2c1 part5
11/09/22Travis Translationsv2c1 part4
11/06/22Travis Translationsv2c1 part3
11/03/22Travis Translationsv2c1 part2
10/30/22Travis Translationsv2c1
10/25/22Travis Translationsv2 prologue part1
10/25/22Travis Translationsv1 ss
09/17/22Travis Translationsv1c8 part1
09/11/22Travis Translationsv1c7 part3
09/03/22Travis Translationsv1c7 part2
08/27/22Travis Translationsv1c7 part1

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