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Elfaria Adventure Chronicle


One day, a boy named “Yuuto Orihara” was transferred to another world without warning, and he is trying to enjoy his life in the game-like world of Elfaria, but ……

Latest Release
12/08/22AM23 MTLc89
12/08/22AM23 MTLc88
12/05/22AM23 MTLc87
12/05/22AM23 MTLc86
12/03/22AM23 MTLc85
12/03/22AM23 MTLc84
12/01/22AM23 MTLc83
12/01/22AM23 MTLc82
11/29/22AM23 MTLc81
11/29/22AM23 MTLc80
11/27/22AM23 MTLc79
11/27/22AM23 MTLc78
11/25/22AM23 MTLc77
11/25/22AM23 MTLc76
11/22/22AM23 MTLc75

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