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Reincarnated as the Mastermind of the Story (WN)


There was a globally popular game called “The Legend of the Seven Heroes”.

Ren cleared the sequel of that game at the fastest record in the world, and thus he obtained a bonus special data.

However, no matter where he looked inside the game, he could not find the data.

The moment where Ren was about to give up the search, he decided to start playing the second round of the game.

Suddenly,a notification message “Do you want to start a special story? appears on the screen.

When Ren chooses “Yes” without hesitation, he loses consciousness, and when he wakes up, he was a baby. —-

Could it be that he was reincarnated as one of the hero in “The Legend of the Seven Heroes”? 

Ren, who thought such a thing was impossible, could not believe his ears when he heard his name from his mother’s mouth.

It was the name of a classmate who betrays the heroes in the middle of the story.

Of course, he wishes to live in peace.

But in the game, he meets a saint whose life he’s supposed to take, and doesn’t.

Furthermore, he ends up saving a character (the boss of a great noble family) who was supposed to die.

All of these things creates a development that he doesn’t know about coming to play……

Latest Release
12/13/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c34 part2
12/12/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c34 part1
12/11/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c33
12/10/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c32
12/09/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c31
12/08/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c30
12/07/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c29
12/02/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c28
12/01/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c27 part2
12/01/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c27 part1
11/29/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c26
11/27/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c25
11/25/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c24
11/24/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c23
11/23/22The Kay’s rookie...v2c22

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