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I Confessed To The Crossdresser


I was reincarnated in a Rated-19 horror novel. As the roommate who was horribly murdered by the crossdresser who commits a massacre from blackening due to his terrible childhood.

Wouldn’t the massacre be prevented if the man’s lack of affection was resolved?!

So I confessed to him.

“I-I like you!”
“….I’m a girl.”

Huh? Oh, oops!
But, I still like you!

The milk has already been spilt. I worked hard to prevent the massacre in the original novel by sticking close to the crossdressing protagonist. Now, all I have to do is reveal that this person was a man….Won’t he ever get caught dressing up as a woman?!

“Hey, you’re a man!”

“….N-no. Don’t abandon me, Bree.”

He even burst into tears.
Why are you crying!?

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