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Let’s Start an Inn on the Dungeon Island!


The timid main character (male) is sent to a different world where only women can use magic.

He’s not good at fighting, but he will develop a deserted island with the given creative magic!

Latest Release
11/24/22Lancarjaya Translationsc32
11/24/22Lancarjaya Translationsc31
11/17/22Lancarjaya Translationsc30
11/17/22Lancarjaya Translationsc29
11/09/22Lancarjaya Translationsc28
11/09/22Lancarjaya Translationsc27
11/03/22Lancarjaya Translationsc26
11/03/22Lancarjaya Translationsc25
10/28/22Lancarjaya Translationsc24
10/28/22Lancarjaya Translationsc23
10/14/22Lancarjaya Translationsc22
10/14/22Lancarjaya Translationsc21
09/28/22Lancarjaya Translationsc20
09/28/22Lancarjaya Translationsc19
09/23/22Lancarjaya Translationsc18

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