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Power and Wealth


An accident let him have a special ability to turn back time up to 1 minute. When he said the wrong things in front of his leader, he was able to return back to 1 minute before to correct what he said. During jade stone gambling and there was no jade inside, he turns back time to pick another stone. When the woman he likes met an accident, he can return back to 1 minute before to save her…… A small fry’s rise through the ranks of the government service starts……

Latest Release
09/16/20Translation Noobc278 c278
09/14/20Translation Noobc277
09/14/20Translation Noobc276
09/14/20Translation Noobc275
09/06/20Translation Noobc274
09/04/20Translation Noobc273
09/02/20Translation Noobc272
08/31/20Translation Noobc271
08/30/20Translation Noobc270
08/28/20Translation Noobc269
08/26/20Translation Noobc268
08/24/20Translation Noobc267
08/23/20Translation Noobc266
08/21/20Translation Noobc265
08/19/20Translation Noobc264

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