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Remake our Life!


Kyouya Hashiba, who worked at a game company, had his dream shattered and decided to return to his parents’ home, but after waking up, it was ten years ago…… For some reason, he was attending the arts college that he was supposed to have given up on, furthermore, the creators that he admired in the future were his classmates!?

Latest Release
11/24/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part9
11/24/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part8
11/10/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part7
11/03/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part6
10/27/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part5
10/20/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part4
10/20/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part3
10/13/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part2
10/13/22SeiRei Translationsv6c1 part1
10/06/22SeiRei Translationsv6 prologue
10/06/22SeiRei Translationsv6 illustrations
06/02/22SeiRei Translationsv5 epilogue
05/26/22SeiRei Translationsv5c5
05/19/22SeiRei Translationsv5c4
05/12/22SeiRei Translationsv5c3

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