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The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer


“Law of Justice Online” is the first VRMMORPG made in Japan.

Yuta Sasaki was miraculously selected for the first shipment of the game among more than 20 million applicants. A VRMMORPG that he had dreamed of.

Of course, he quickly planned a game marathon session!

After acquiring his long-dreamed tamer job, Yuto aka Yuta, landed in the world of LJO with great enthusiasm, but…….

“What do you mean my monster has no battle power at all? A farmer? Gnome?! But he is definitely a farmer.”

What kind of future awaits Yuto, who stumbled at his first step?

Latest Release
11/24/22Lupus Senseic49
11/24/22Lupus Senseic48
11/11/22Lupus Senseic47
11/05/22Lupus Senseic46
10/20/22Lupus Senseic45
10/20/22Lupus Senseic44
10/13/22Lupus Senseic43
09/30/22Lupus Senseic42
09/16/22Lupus Senseic41
09/16/22Lupus Senseic40
08/11/22Lupus Senseic39
08/11/22Lupus Senseic38
07/15/22Lupus Senseic37
07/15/22Lupus Senseic36
06/24/22Lupus Senseic35

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