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The Duke House’s Little Chef ~ The Cook Who Trained in the Mountain for 300 Years


Born as the eldest son of the Tristan family, which has given birth to some of the world’s strongest “Sword Saints”, Luciel was expected to have a promising future. But, he was abandoned in the mountain because of his weak body.

When he was only 5 years old, he was abandoned in a mountain full of magical beasts. When his illness recurs, he gets dizzy and unintentionally eats a slime that was trying to eat him. At that moment, he realizes that his illness symptoms are lessening and he gains magical powers by eating magical beasts.

After that, he was so absorbed in magical beast food research that he forgot about why he was abandoned in the mountain.

When he realized it …… 300 years had passed. His weak and sick body became strong and immune to disease. He also ate a dragon’s meat, he became immortal and his body was rejuvenated. When he spends his time as a child, a group of knights from the Duke’s house appear.

When the knights learned of his origins, they reported it to their lord. Luciel is adopted by the Duke’s family and doted by them, but……

“The flames don’t hurt you at all……”
“I’ve eaten phoenix dish.”

“It’s a poison that can kill a dragon! Why are you still alive?”
“Poison? I thought the pepper was a bit too strong.”

“I’ve never seen those peanuts before……”
“It’s physical strength fruit. Would you like some?”
“You can’t eat such an expensive fruit as a snack!”

This is a fantasy of unparalleled “food” created by Luciel, whose cooking and sword (knife) skills are extraordinary.

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