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The Male Lead I Raised Is Obsessed With Me


When I was young, I was possessed as an extra villain and married the male lead, who eventually killed me.

To avoid the death flag, I tried not to get involved with him.

“Hey, why is it so cold in here?”

I changed my mind when I saw a very poor duke who had no money to lose.

Either way, I have to wait five years before I can divorce him.

In the meantime, let’s save the family, raise the male lead well, and get a divorce from the alimony!

“Is there anything you want?”

“Anything I want?”

“Yes! Anything!”

“Then can you buy me a sister?”

“What? Me?”

But my little husband was so gentle that he felt lovely and cute.

But my divine beast warned me that there was something…

[Master, that kid is dangerous.] “It’s alright, Blackie.”
[What if you regret it later?] Maybe it was my stubbornness…

‘It’s because I have to protect you.’

I wanted to believe in the boy who only looked at me.

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