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The Yu Brothers’ Case Book


Shao Di Yu, an orphan, is adopted as a result of of a murder case involving the deaths of his entire family. Because of some painful experiences, he refuses to speak. However, he has sharp insight; moreover, he becomes under the care of a pair of twin brothers in the police force, who also have a child currently in university. Yu Yin possesses yin-yang eyes, which allow him to see things ordinary people cannot. The two brothers happen to complement each other, and together they investigate various inconceivable incidents.

Latest Release
04/03/20~Taffy Translations~char illustrations
03/18/20~Taffy Translations~v1c11 + epilogue
03/09/20~Taffy Translations~v1c10
03/02/20~Taffy Translations~v1c9
02/26/20~Taffy Translations~v1c8
02/24/20~Taffy Translations~v1c7
02/22/20~Taffy Translations~v1c6
02/20/20~Taffy Translations~v1c5
02/19/20~Taffy Translations~v1c4
02/15/20~Taffy Translations~v1c3
02/09/20~Taffy Translations~v1c2
01/27/20~Taffy Translations~v1 prologue +c1
12/21/19~Taffy Translations~v8c10
12/16/19~Taffy Translations~v8c9
12/15/19~Taffy Translations~v8c8

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